Thursday, May 28, 2009

As promised, here are more SOA challenge creations!

I really don't like how this cupcake turned out. Maybe it would hav been cuter if I hadn't been so tired.

Side view of the cupcake (he's a little crooked):

Top view of the cupcake (I like this part!):

This is a graduation card for my cousin, Brian. I knew it was coming but I was SHOCKED when I received an invitation to his open house yesterday! Wasn't he just in driving school last week? Anyways, I versamarked the congrats/words all over the white background and made a money holder for the inside of the card. I like how it turned out!

This is a thank you card for my oldest son's first grade teacher. As of 2:45 PM today, I will be the parent of a SECOND GRADER! Talk about feeling old; first a baby cousin graduating and then a second grader! LOL

The patterned paper is Good Morning Sunshine from Stampin' UP! courtesy of my wonderful friend, Sara. I am so in love with those little birdies!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my creations!



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